Steel Structures

The design process encompasses the architectural design, the development of the structural concept , the analysis of the steel structure and the verification of members. Steel solutions are lighter than their concrete equivalents, with the opportunity to provide more column-free flexible floor space, less foundations and a fast, safe construction programme.

For the designer, a steel solution means reliable materials, known material and section properties, precise off-site manufacture and extensive support including software, design guides and easy to use resistance tables.

Steel is ideally suited for design. Material properties are known and member properties are accurate, meaning that analysis is precise. Design rules are clear and mature, without undue conservatism, having been developed over many decades. There is a wealth of support resources, including software, to facilitate efficient design.

[source: steelconstruction]


Paolo Toniolo

Building Is good if Re-usable

All Paolo Toniolo's works. In his portfolio: civil engineering, architecture, interior design, plazas ad structure collections.

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